5 foolproof ways to organise your bathroom

Bathroom clutter, your number’s up!

Your bathroom might not be the biggest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean it escapes the dreaded clutter bug. Storage can be limited in bathrooms, and the room can easily become messy if lotions and potions aren’t stored away correctly.

Follow these foolproof tips and tricks for the perfect bathroom and if you still want more, take a look at our collection of bathroom storage ideas.

1. Clear out your lotions and potions

This is the most simple idea but can be the most tricky to actually do – mainly because you need to be ruthless and brisk.
Chuck out anything with just a dash left in the bottom, anything you haven’t used over the last 12 months and any beauty products that are out of date.

2. Think about routine

Line up your products by your bath/in your shower in the order you use them. If you don’t use a product everyday (eg a weekly hair treatment), pop it away in your bathroom cupboard out of the way.

3. Choose internal cupboard storage

A standard bathroom cupboard has one or two shelves, and this can make finding bottles tricky – especially during the morning rush job in the shower. Invest in individual storage trays or wicker baskets for each ‘section’ of your cupboard – hair, body, cleaning etc.

4. Dedicate each family an area

If you have little ones (or big ones), give each family member a storage tray in the cupboard and an additional shelf for towels. This stops arguments over who used someone else’s shampoo in their tracks and keeps everything neatly tucked away out of sight.

5. Be ready to roll

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Now this one is ridiculously organised – but makes all the difference. Keep 100ml travel bottles inside a clear plastic airport bag and replace any you finish after each trip. In means you’re always ready for a mini break or a trip to the gym before work.

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