5 things you need to know before planning an en suite bathroom

Here’s how to make a splash for all the right reasons

An en-suite bathroom is the ultimate luxury. After all, who wouldn’t want to slip from straight from a bedroom into a beautifully designed bath in one relaxing swoop?

We caught up with Chris Payne, Senior Designer at Ripples, to find out what you need to know before planning an en suite bathroom and create the ultimate haven.

And relax ….

1. Lighting is key

“As the en suite is a room that’s placed next to the bedroom, lighting should be considered carefully, as you don’t want bright lights flashing on in the middle of the night – it’s not comfortable for the person taking a trip to the bathroom, or for the person asleep in the attached bedroom.

“I would suggest that you consider having different levels of lighting, so that when someone is taking a late night trip to the bathroom, you can turn on the low level lighting. Some of the lighting could be operated by a movement sensor or PIR, meaning there is no fumbling around for a light switch.”

2. Consider noise

“When it comes to the en suite, noise is a major element to consider before planning your bathroom. Talk to a designer who will suggest which products will work best, I’d look at putting an aerated shower head into a bathroom, so that rainfall is softer and noise lessened. Various products will have sound insulation systems built in, too”

3. Storage, storage, storage

“Personalisation is a huge factor when it comes to the en suite, generally customers take a little more time factoring in the practical uses of the bathroom. Be clever with the storage and factor in your use and lifestyle. Mirrored cabinets will allow for you to store products, as well as charge toothbrushes and electric razors. Niche storage in the walls will also ensure that you can store bottles discreetly when in the shower.”

4. Remember to ventilate

“You certainly don’t want the bathroom to become damp, especially as it’s placed so close to the bedroom, which is why extraction needs to be considered. Make the room well ventilated, you certainly don’t want steam flowing in to the bedroom, nor do you want your extraction to be too loud.”

5. Space is everything

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“Make the most of the space you have available and think practically about how you want the en suite to look and feel. A wall hung WC and basin will maximise space and make a bathroom feel more spacious.

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