Perfect Sleep – 10 decorating ideas

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We spend a third of our lives asleep, so it is important to have a bolthole to escape our often hectic and demanding lives, whether it juggling children, careers – or most likely both. Insomnia is a growing problem with modern life and sleep problems can have a huge impact on every aspect of our lives leading to physical, mental and emotional ill health. Creating a calm sleep environment can be the first step to creating a more balanced you and in achieving perfect sleep.

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A cool New-England style of fresh whites and calming neutral tones in your bedroom creates a good environment for perfect sleep. Add white striped bedlinen and pillows married together with a neutral floral bedspread. Opt for simple whitewashed floorboards with coir matting to encourage an undisturbed deep sleep.

Make a four-poster bed the showstopping feature in your bedroom overlaid with neutral bedlinen, pillow and throws in complementing stripes and checks. Keep the décor in the room neutral with a cream armchair and taupe floor-length curtains.

A modern monochrome décor can induce a perfect night’s sleep. Team white cotton bedlinen and floral or geometric wallpaper in black and white to add a calming centerpiece to the room.

Create a pretty floral dressing area with a shabby-chic style dressing table and chairs with a floral cushion and delicate voile curtains. Add a large vintage-style oval mirror into the room, reflecting the illusion of space and light. A vintage piece of furniture such as a glass storage wardrobe, or a chaise longue creates a wonderful focus to a room.

If you have a small bedroom or attic, create a country-style bedroom with delicate floral-patterned wallpaper and a big brass bed. Dress the bed with fluffy pillows, patchwork throws and and cushions in pastel shades – an ideal setting for a perfect night’s sleep.

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