You can now stay over at Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle – take the interiors tour!

As we celebrate Shakespeare's birthday this month, we have found the perfect spot for the celebration of all celebrations - Hamlet's castle

To stay or not to stay, that is the question.

As we celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday this April, we have found the perfect spot for the celebration of all celebrations – Hamlet’s very own castle.

You can now live like royalty for just £7 a night at Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, Denmark thanks to our favourite holiday rental company, Airbnb.

Sitting on the tranquil Danish shores in Elsinoire, the majestic silhouette of towering turrets and spindly spires are illuminated beyond the private moat and row of ancient cannons that stand on guard.

The homeowner,
‘Hamlet’, writes on his modern Airbnb account: “No plans on April 23rd? Then come and stay in my castle!” But beware of the ghost of Hamlet’s father…

So what can you expect from your stay?

Upon arrival, two lucky guests will be shown to the King’s Tower to unpack and recline back on the canopy bed or steal a starry sight at the top of the turret, accessed via a spiral staircase with just a flickering candle for light.

Guests will then be prompted to dress in traditional Elizabethan clothing and be summoned to the banquet.

The evening will entail a lavish, renaissance inspired 7-course tasting menu in the ballroom where 300 members of high society will congregate to mark Shakespeare’s birthday.

The traditional meal includes iconic dishes such as asparagus with oyster emulsion, boneless quail and lemon soufflé, but we hope Hamlet leaves the poison out…

Guests will then be entertained into the early hours by famous singers, actors, writers and The Royal Danish Ballet before retreating to private quarters.

Of cours, you’ll need to abide by the house rules, as set by Hamlet himself:

“There will be a skull in the King’s Tower, no need to bring your own The only thing rotten might be a floorboard or two, so mind your step.
The door to the tower locks only from the inside, don’t worry.
No smoking. Kronborg burned to the ground once already, enough of that.”

So how do you get a slice of the action? Write a soliloquy-style note to the castle owner that says why you and your guest should be picked to join the festivities on April 23.

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