Garden edging ideas to give your space a smart finish

From lovely lawn edging to smart stone borders, these garden edging ideas combine style with function for flawless results

Looking for garden edging ideas? Or is it something you’ve not even thought about? When it comes to keeping our gardens neat and tidy, garden edging is key to giving a professional finish and a clean division between sections. But what is it, we hear you say? Well, it’s ultimate purpose is to define space, so as long as it separates two distinct areas, it can just about be anything you like. Popular choices include stone, brick and concrete, while more creative options range from logs and shells to recycled roof tiles. Not only do they add charm and character to your garden landscaping, they’re extremely practical too, separating weeds from flower beds and mulch from lawns as well as providing a clean line for extra-efficient mowing and trimming.

Garden edging ideas

The cost and effort involved in laying your garden edging depends very much on what material you’ve selected. There are plenty of ready-to-use products available at local garden centres or home improvement stores, but if you’ve opted for more of a DIY option, such as laying concrete slabs or hammering in logs, it might take a little more effort – or teamwork! Before deciding what material and style of garden edging to go for, think about the overall outdoor look you want to achieve. It needs to reflect the existing style, so consider what would work with your planting themes, colour choices, garden furniture and general ambience. For example, off-cut logs and rustic willow are nice options for traditional country gardens and work particularly well as lawn edging and path edging. Alternatively, try combining concrete slabs and railway sleepers for a cool, industrial feel.

With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start. Check out some of our favourite garden edging ideas to get the ball rolling…

Be bold with bricks
Weather resistant, affordable and relatively easy to come by, bricks are one of the most popular garden edging choices. They offer a timeless look that compliments any surrounding, traditional or contemporary, and can be laid side-by-side or artfully arranged to create a pretty rock garden. To prevent unevenness, try setting them in a bed of sand.

Brick garden edging ideas

Hit the roof tiles
Create a layered look by creating stylish step edging with leftover clay roof tiles. Either new or aged, the terracotta finish makes for a stand-out design, adding colour and texture to an otherwise simple small garden. Recycled tiles are easy to come by; don’t worry if they’re not perfect, the broken edges can be buried in the soil – a handy idea for those on a budget.

Reclaimed roof tiles garden edging

Lay down railway sleepers
After an industrial look? Reuse old railway sleepers laid at single height, cut down or even double stacked to give a defined edge to pebbled or grassy areas. They make a great edging choice for raised vegetable beds, too, as they’re perfect for drainage and provide a strong barrier against pests such as slugs and snails. A top tip from us: it’s worth investing in certified, high-quality timber that’s been treated to ensure they stay in good shape as long as possible.

Reclaimed railway sleepers are a brilliant garden edging idea

Create a wooden wall
Whether laid out horizontally or vertically, using wooden logs is a simple, environmentally friendly way of bordering a raised flower bed. Combine with a contrasting, understated material such as light gravel to accentuate, making it a pretty, as well as a practical, garden feature.

Wooden logs garden edging

Straighten up with precise paving
Neutral paving stones in neutral shades blend beautifully with natural surroundings, ideal for those looking for an understated edging option. Lay concrete slabs in a single uniform size for a neat finish, or mix and match different sized edging stones found around the garden for a more rustic feel.

Neutral paving stone garden edging

Dare to be different with a sculptural design
A playful take on a garden fence, this sculptural design creates a clear divide between the soft turf and the modern patio paving without creating a solid barrier that could disrupt the flow of the space. These blackened wooden plinths add serious style power to an ultra modern garden design.

Garden edging using vertical wooden plinths

Stick to a natural weave
For edging that blends in seamlessly with vegetable patches and flower borders, opt for a cute border crafted from woven sticks. Overtime, plants will entwine, making it less obvious but still neat – great for rustic cottage gardens. Not exactly easy to make, you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty of ready-made designs available!

For further inspiration take a look at our garden patio ideas and garden fence to plan the next stage of your outdoor projects.

While these are just a few of our favourite garden edging ideas, there really is no limit to what you can use. We’d love to hear what you’ve created  in your gardens, so please share.

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