5 great ideas for under your stairs

From awkward nooks to secret niches, make the most of your under-stairs space with these five ideas

1. The secret study

Make a feature of your under-stairs space with a statement wallpaper, like this bold polka-dot print. This intimate cubby is just the right size for a study; a slim desk and a few accessories are all it takes to transform a disused nook into a neat, discreet work area. In lieu of bookcases and chests of drawers, make the most of wall space with floating shelves and pinboards, while a trundle trolley makes for an easy-to-stow option.

2. The all-in-one solution

Don’t care to share your under-stairs patch? Divvy up the space with dividers, leaving you your own little segment to store brollies, coats and bags. An additional storage bench is the perfect place to tie your shoes in the morning, so make the most of it with neat rattan boxes stowed away underneath. Matching baskets and a co-ordinated palette keep the scheme looking neat and sophisticated.

3. The displayer’s delight

From vases and knick-knacks to photos and antiques, bespoke shelving under the stairs is an ideal place to arrange your most beloved treasures. Alternatively, use it to stack up books or vinyls for a colourful library unit.

4. The little bit of luxury

Just got a few steps to spare? Don’t let the space go to waste! A mezzanine platform or split-level room lends itself brilliantly to some tucked away cupboards or secret shoe racks. For the more indulgent homeowner, a few stairs could be just the right height to squeeze in a wine cooler.

5. The landing love-seat

If your home boasts more than one stairway, take advantage of the space it creates with a slim bench or loveseat. Don’t be put off by an existing built-in unit – staggering a range of picture frames and plants transforms this awkward niche into a charming and functional focal point.

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