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Christmas hallway ideas for festive guests

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For a rustic, country look, natural greenery is a wonderful way to bring the outside inside and introduce seasonal scents, particularly if you add cinnamon sticks, pine cones and orange slices to the mix. Make use of horizontal surfaces, from the hall table to the tops of mirrors and picture frames, to drape holly, ivy, pine and eucalyptus – you can even entwine it around the balustrades. Mix things up by hanging your stair garland at the bottom of the spindles rather than along the handrail – and if you regularly mist the foliage with water it will keep it vibrant and fresh throughout the festivities.

If you are looking for something a little more contemporary, think oversize baubles as a quick and effective way to jazz up the space. Group them together and hang from the banisers or if your ceiling is high enough, cascade at different heights to create impact and drama.

Lighting is a great way to bring atmosphere and drama at Christmas.

Sit a lantern on each stair tread or dot candless in hurricane lamps along the length of your entrance hall – be careful to tuck them closely against the wall to avoid any accidents! For a truly winter wonderland effect, incoroprate fairy lights into the scheme.

For a final bit of decorative flair, give children’s wellingtons some ‘welly’ by lining them up at the front door and filling with crackers and small presents for your guests – and keep a festive dish of colourful chocolate baubles on the hall table.

Not only will they look attractive, they may come in handy if unexpected carol singers come calling!


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