Range cookers – our pick of the best

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Buying a range cooker is a decision made as much with the heart as with the head. This is an appliance to build your kitchen around, creating a stunning focal point and offering unbeatable functionality for the keen cook and busy family home. Their large size – from 90-150cm wide or more – makes them ideal for feeding a crowd as they can incorporate two to four generous ovens, with warming drawers and a separate high-powered grill.

Heat storage ranges, like the Aga, are the traditional models, made from cast iron and using their ‘stored heat’ to warm the kitchen. They can run on electricity, gas, oil or solid fuel, and some versions also heat water.

Modern range cookers are built and operate more like a conventional cooker. The cordon-bleu extras might include multifunction ovens or gas hobs with griddles or wok burners. ‘A range with an induction hob is an efficient choice, and some models now offer self-clean pyrolytic liners,’ says Wai San Hon, Assistant Brand Manager, Rangemaster. The newest models fire up only when needed, and can even be controlled from a smart phone.

Classic, country and modern – there’s a range cooker design for every scheme, in a wide choice of colours and finishes. Take a look at our pick of the best range cookers to help you cook like a professional, while adding character and soul to your home.

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