Planning your dream kitchen?

Take inspiration from the country’s top chefs

Whether you’re transforming your existing kitchen or designing one from scratch, starting a new project can be overwhelming. The kitchen is the heart of your home after all, and with ever-changing trends and so many appliances to choose from, you may find you need some help.

So, who better to take guidance from than some of the country’s top chefs. When passionate home cook Emma Stockton turned to Miele for some much-needed inspiration, acclaimed chefs Monica Galetti, Anna Hansen and Sven-Hanson Britt welcomed her into their homes.

Approaching Miele to help design their own kitchens, the chefs were delighted to show Emma how they combine functionality and carefully selected appliances without compromising on style. As Monica Galetti pointed out, ‘I’m a chef so I needed it to be practical, as well as a kitchen that’s ideal for family and friends.’ This resonated with Emma. On their choice of appliances, it seemed the Miele induction hob was a must-have for its flexibility and temperature control, especially with young children around. And, for Anna Hansen, the steam combination oven is the perfect match for her fusion-style cooking.

Time to get creative

A kitchen is never better than when being used, which is why it’s so important to choose products designed with excellence. So, if you’re planning a kitchen and haven’t quite decided what you want in it, Miele can help with a Taste For Design – Just Imagine course. The perfect way to find out exactly what products suit you and your kitchen, talented home economists showcase the signature features behind the products and how to get the best out of them to create beautiful meals.

To see Emma’s full Chef Inspired Kitchens story, and to book your Taste for Design course, go to

You’ll get to see for yourself just how much control you have with an induction hob, how a Miele warming drawer takes the stress out of cooking, and even try out the coffee machine And to top it all, you’ll get to sample some delicious food along the way. What are you waiting for?


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