6 ways to give your home a pop of colour

Wake up those white walls by rocking a colour-pop vibe throughout the house

1 Create a vibrant sofa spot

‘I painted all the walls white so I could indulge in a rainbow of colours when it came to furniture and accessories,’ says the owner.
‘This pink sofa is pure indulgence but it makes me happy every time I walk in the room.’ A strong blue sculptural ottoman anchors the space -‘although no one is allowed to put their feet on it yet,’ she adds.

2 Go green in the living room

‘This green velvet chair was the inspiration for the living room and I sourced the other items to work with it,’ says the owner. Citrus shades in the rug contrast with the black painted floor and are picked up in the gilded coffee table and accessories on the sideboard. ‘I like the drama of the long sideboard which is practical as well as beautiful,’ she adds.

3 Add drama to the hallway

This is the first area you see when you enter the house so I wanted it to be special, without being overwhelmed with colour,’ says the owner.
She kept to the white colour palette and added pops of colour with personal items such as a favourite portrait and carefully chosen accessories.

4 Pump up the volume in the kitchen

The addition of luxe turquoise dining chairs in the otherwise white kitchen adds an opulent edge. ‘I wanted this space to look like a lovely room you want to spend time in, rather than an industrial work place,’ says the owner. The addition of the punchy blue rug contributes to the vibe.

5 Indulge in a glamorous dressing room

‘I designedmy dressing room to feel like the changing room of a smart boutique,’ says the owner. She had the footstool covered in a luxe yellow velvet to add a splash of sumptuous colour. The storage is inexpensive units fitted close together by her builder.

6 Luxe up the bedroom

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Gorgeous touches pepper the bedroom with an opulent lilac velvet-covered bed and gilded bedside lamps. ‘You need those little bits of luxe in a home,’ says the owner. ‘As well as carefully chosen colour pops to lift the spirits.’

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