Interior design tips for creating a two-tone living room

Create a relaxing living room with these great ideas for decorating with the natural tones of grey and stone

If you are in search of living room design tips then one of the easiest to follow is to decorate your room using a two-tone palette. Here interior designer Bunny Turner explains how to create a scheme using just a mix of two neutral colours.

Stone and grey work fantastically well together as a palette. To create an organic feel, layer shades of both in each room, but avoid using too many matching colours, as the interest comes from having a variety of tones.

Incorporate plenty of natural materials, such as untreated or weathered wood, tanned leather and zinc. Consider reclaimed wood coffee tables, chairs and stools, stone tiles, garden planters…anything with a rustic edge. For an element of warmth and softness, include natural fabrics, such as cushions and throws in wool and stonewashed linen, in your scheme.

Sage green is an ideal highlight colour to mix with stone and grey. Flea-market finds, such as vintage glass bottles, green leather-bound books and even delicate butterflies in frames, will create subtle accents that suit the timeless feel.

Use a variety of materials to create textural contrast. If you have a grasscloth wallcovering, for example, pair it with a smoother finished fabric or leather.

Introducing plants accentuates the natural palette. Deep green foliage and earthy shades of rosemary, sage and lavender work well against a backdrop of grey and stone, as do stems of sculptural seedheads, such as oriental poppies and echinops.

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Use mirrors to reflect plenty of light around the room and bring depth to the scheme. I also like to use a piece of artwork to add a pop of contrast colour to a muted palette such as this.

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