5 ways to tell you’re in a cat lover’s home

Have you gone a bit cat crazy in your home? Then you may just do one, if not all, of the following things to ensure that your kitties needs are met. After all, the cat comes first, right?

As a cat lover myself, I’ve considered the many crazy things we might do to accommodate our little furry friend in the home. Let’s face it – cats have a bad reputation of being aloof, arrogant and super independent, but that hasn’t stopped us loving them all the same. Here are just a few examples of how to tell if you’ve entered the home of a cat lover:

1. The hot seat

Your cat has a special seat in the house where no one is allowed to sit. Nope, sorry you can’t sit there, that’s Mr Fluffy’s seat.

2. Put a frame on it

You have more pictures of your cat than of your significant other. (This
includes paintings and artwork that you have commissioned). Guilty!

3. Furball, anyone?

There is cat hair EVERYWHERE. It has become such a normal thing that you don’t even notice when it turns up on the side of your dinner plate.

4. Catnap

You sleep in one spot at night so you don’t disturb the kitties that are sharing the bed with you. Cue major leg cramp in the morning.

5. Wake up call

Alarm clocks are a thing of the past. Your kitty eats at 5am EVERY morning. Yes, even on a Sunday.

Also, just for good measure (and a bit of fun) – your entire bedroom is decorated with Hello Kitty items. Love or loathe? We’ll let you be the judge!

Are you a fellow feline-obsessive? Do these ring true for you? Have we missed any? Tell us your favourite cat lover tendencies.

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