7 decorating schemes that only worked in the 1980s

Artex ceilings, chintz fabrics, rag rolling paint techniques - take a trip down memory lane with the interior design ideas that remind us of the Thatcher decade

What did your home look like 30 years ago? From wood-chip wallpaper to coloured carpets, take a look at these decorating ideas that only worked in the 1980s…

1. Snazzy paint techniques

In the 1980’s we embraced fun paint techniques. Sponging and rag rolling were used to create a mottled, aged look found on old porcelain or rustic stoneware. It was an easy technique to master and was widely popular. However, it is rarely used in modern interiors (mainly due to the fact that it’s a pretty unconvincing way to create a rustic scheme)

2. Artex ceilings

Widely used in the 1970s, but still hugely popular in the 1980s, Artex was a way of finishing off a ceiling without plastering. Artex ceilings were mainly finished with familiar stippled and swirled patterns which looked hideous and (as I discovered 20 years later), are really difficult to remove!

3. Peach colour schemes

Ahh peach. It was the colour of choice for interior design schemes in the 1980s. A simple question perplexes me… why?

4. Coloured carpets

Some contemporary coloured carpets are stunning. Fact. However in the 1980s the mix of horrible patterns complete with a selection of gaudy colourways meant that the carpets we installed in our home were simply revolting…

5. Swags and tails

Don’t get me wrong, here at Housetohome, we love an amazing window dressing, we’re also big fans of a pair of beautifully hung curtains. Unfortunately, it’s seems that in the 1980s we took things to chintzy extremes…

6. Red and black colour schemes

Remember all those black and red colour schemes? They worked particularly well with a framed picture of a red Ferrari/Porche on the wall and a grotesque mix of cheap black ash furniture

7. Wallpaper borders

In the 1980s we went mad for a wallpaper border.. but, boy, did we overdo it!

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