BBQ Round up – our pick of the best barbecues

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It's that time of year again…the air fills with the whiff of charcoal smoke and grilled delights, as every alfresco cook dusts off their apron and picks up the tongs to take to the bbq.
But before you break out the chicken wings and the Halloumi cheese, you're going to need a decent grill to cook up a feast. Whether you're looking for a powerful game-changer or something chic and practical, we've rounded up the best barbecues to set your summer on fire.

So now is the time to buy a bbq so that you’re all set for the summer months – and those fun family gatherings and garden parties. The first thing to consider is how many people you might want to cook for.

If you’re a beginner and want to cook for just a couple of people, then look at small charcoal barbecues. Galvanised bucket and kettle barbecues, in fresh colours such as turquoise blue, will add a little colour to your outside space and can be used when you go camping. Alternatively, choose from a large charcoal or gas bbq if you want to cater for a bigger group of people and want more control on cooking temperature.

Another factor to consider when buying a barbecue is where it will be stored in the winter months, for larger gas barbecues it’s advisable to allocate space in the garage or shed, alternatively a charcoal barbecue if well covered could live to one side on the patio. From compact to colossal, pizzas to pork, we’ve got it covered with our pick of the best charcoal and gas bbqs currently on the market….

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