Elf on the Shelf® is back! Check out these festive shelfie ideas

As the phenomena that is The Elf on the Shelf® hits our shores this Christmas, here are a few places you may spot the scouting elf

The Elf on the Shelf®
is a colossal hit with children and parents across the world. The children’s box set comes with a book that tells a tale of a secret elf sent by Santa to keep a watchful eye on children at Christmas time and report back to Father Christmas in the North Pole.

It’s a great Christmas tradition to start with your children when they are young and can be enjoyed by all the family.

The book also comes with an elf figurine that parents can secretly place around the house to watch over children.

Selling over 8 million copies in America, the box set has been crowned number 1 bestseller by Wall Street Journal
and Publisher’s Weekly. The scout elf was even invited to join Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade extravaganza last year, being the first character from an independent publisher to join the parade since Peter Rabbit in 1901.

In the wake of its success across the pond, we cannot wait for the scout elf to make his UK appearence this Christmas. Here are a few spots and shelves you may find him watching this year…

Secret agent on the shelf

Settled on a shelf in children’s bedrooms, the scout elf will know if kids aren’t going to bed when they’re asked to.

Towering above on a timber beam

He is Santa’s eyes and ears so from up here he will get a birdseye view. Way above the treetop he’ll see families playing games around the fireplace, so don’t cheat.

Tucked away in built-in storage

Hiding in these storage spaces either side of the fireplace in the dining room, he’ll spy children not eating their vegetables.

On the tabletop

Take your shoes off children – the scout elves will know if you’ve trampled mud through the house.

Leaning on the storage ladder

Perched on a ladder rung in the living room, he’ll be the first to know if children are watching too much TV this year.

Watching at the window

Sat on the window ledge he will even eye children as they play outside. We hope you’re sharing your toys!

Inglenook look

Glowing in the blaze of the fire, the scout elf will observe naughty children who aren’t doing their homework when asked.

Kitchen shelf agent

Nestled between cookbooks and pots, the scout elf will watch as you bake mince pies and roast chestnuts with your children this Christmas.

Radiator detective

He’ll snoop and spot you from the radiator cover and if you are misbehaving, Father Christmas will be first to know!

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