World’s first luxury hotel to run entirely on solar power opens in the Maldives

Going green has never looked so good

The first ever holiday resort to run on solar power has opened in the Maldives.

Finolhu Villas is a breathtaking holiday location set on the private island of Fasfinolhu in the Indian Ocean.

Situated in an area of the world where the effects of climate change are evident on a daily basis, it was important for the owners, Club Med, to build a resort that had both a little impact on the environment yet a big impact on luxury.

And so Finolhu Villas was born – a stunning 13-acre resort that is entirely run on solar energy generated on the island. Luckily, they aren’t short of sun!

The unique resort is a testament to eco-friendly design.
Architect Yuji Yamazaki has created a haven that proves luxury doesn’t have to be sacrificed for sustainability – you can be sure there are no hunking black panels lying around here.

The island generates a megawatt of energy per day thanks to its positioning on the equator and any excess energy is stored for the rare cloudy or rainy day.

More than that, the island boasts a sophisticated self-sufficient water supply, efficient waste management system and is landscaped in a fashion to minimize erosion of the beaches, without of course having an impact on any aesthetic values.

Finolhu Villas is made up of 52 Eco Nature Villas that all sit on stilts above the pristine Indian Ocean. Each private hut is equipped with its own pool and deck to enjoy whilst staring out at the unobstructed horizon.

Inside the eco pods, luxury is key. Beyond the faultless service, delectable treats and unparalleled amenities, the interiors showcase designer pieces inspired by Indian and North African designs.

Lanterns dangle over the bedroom that seamlessly links to a spacious living area with sliding doors that let the outdoors inside. A consistent sun-scorched orange tone runs between the rooms.

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Now you can snap up a slice of heaven without feeling guilty with a stay at this unique Maldives resort this summer. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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