11 easy ways to make your home nicer – that won’t break the bank

Revive every room in your house with these next to nothing, budget updates

Make your house a home with these budget ideas and easy updates for every room.

All they require is a trip into the loft, a tin of paint and a little love.

Hang a photo gallery

Photo galleries are creative ways to cover a bare wall or a cheerless corner. Experiment with shapes, sizes and frame designs and put anything from old family photos to children’s drawings up there.

Display fresh flowers

Fresh cut flowers are an easy and affordable way of turning a room round in a flash. It requires absolutely no effort and you can go as big or small as you like.

Repaint your chairs

Whether it’s your plain dining room chairs or your wooden bar stools, simply dip them in paint for a whole new look.

Create a candle corner

Collect all your candles from around the room and put them together in a corner to create a mixed scent – so much more relaxing than a bright bulb.

Get organised

Give everything a home and declutter the hallways. With everything back in its official place you will have tons of spare room and create the illusion of a larger room.

Accessorise your bath towels

Bath towels are an essential and are often slung over the back of doors or rolled up in the cupboard. Make a statement with them by displaying the beautiful ones and treat it as your own piece of bathroom artwork.

Pile up your cushions and blankets

Get all your cosy bits out of the cupboard and pile up cushions, pillows, blankets and throws on the bed. Not only will you create a relaxing den but it will also look straight out of a boutique hotel room. Win, win!

Display your artwork

Gather all your artwork out of the loft and finally get round to hanging it! Much like a photo gallery, hanging your artwork or propping it up on top of side tables will keep blank walls busy and give the room a revamp.

Rearrange your room layout

Feng shui your room by moving furniture around to welcome in natural sunlight, surround the fireplace or clear the doorway. Furniture can look completely different at a new angle and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Frame your photos

Don’t scurry your old family photos or bright new snaps away in a photo box or albums. Get them out and splurge counter tops and windowsills with pretty frames for an instant pick me up.

Make a focal point

Create a focal point by hanging one bright piece of artwork, a large mirror or a giant lamp to change the dynamic of the room and give off the appearance of an entire room renovation.

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