Hot shopping: If your Easter egg hunt looks like it might be snowed-off this year, treat yourself to these Easter-themed goodies instead

Every fortnight we bring you our pick of the hottest home products - this week we're loosening our waistbands for some serious chocolate eating and adding some much needed spring colour to our homes

Easter is a popular holiday here at Housetohome. It signifies new beginnings and hopefully the start of some balmy spring days.

Oh and then there’s the chocolate. And the newborn lambs and chicks.

We’re taking a run up to the festivities with this week’s hot shopping celebrating all things Easter.

We give you permission to use the Easter holidays to banish all thoughts of winter, wish away the freezing snow and fling open your doors to the spring days that are sure to follow. Positive mental attitude everyone!

1 I can still remember the childhood envy I felt one Easter when a friend told me she had sliced open her breakfast boiled egg to find a solid chocolate centre hidden inside a real egg shell. I still have no idea how her ingenious parents made it, but to hit chocolate instead of yolk must be like striking gold as a child.

Whether your morning egg will be real or chocolate this year make sure it looks as pretty as possible in a stylish egg cup like this vintage-style floral one. Greengate Amy pale blue egg cup, £4.50, Love from Rosie

2 If you’re a fan of Easter announce it to the world with a sprightly floral wreath on your front door.

This artificial one will last a lot longer than real foliage and will add country style charm to your exterior. Perfect for cheering up the postman. Pink blossom wreath, £23.99, The Contemporary Home

3 We’re not sure if owls are a traditional symbol of Easter. In fact we’re pretty sure they aren’t. But we’re going to include these two in the celebrations anyway as there’s something cheerful and fresh about them that would suit an Easter breakfast table. Jonathon Adler Owl salt and pepper shakers, £48, John Lewis

4 Happy Easter from all of us at Housetohome. Spread the message with this vintage style banner from Paperchase and have a restful and relaxing Easter break. Happy Easter garland, £5, Paperchase

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