Meet the Red Devil bbq – a new cut-price rival to the Big Green Egg

If you're looking to take your al fresco dining to the next level, the Red Devil bbq could be right up your garden path

What, you may well ask, is a Red Devil bbq?

Most grill aficionados agree that the Big Green Egg is the ultimate charcoal oven. Made from thick ceramic, it retains heat so well that one load of charcoal can stay hot all day. Celeb chef Jean-Christophe Novelli says it’s the closest thing to ‘cooking on an Aga in your garden’.

The coveted ceramic egg is based on a 3,000-year-old Japanese Kamodo pot. It roasts chickens, cooks pizzas, smokes ribs and will turn out a succulent burger in 10 minutes. No wonder its list of fans is so long, and includes Michelin-starred chefs Sat Bains and Daniel Clifford.

Problem is, it’s not cheap.

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Search online and you’ll find that a Large Big Green Egg with shelves will set you back £1,345. Which poses a problem for the budget-conscious barbecuer. Until now, that is.

Red Devil bbq

Meet the Red Devil. Available from JD Williams, this cheeky rival to the Big Green Egg can pull off the same culinary tricks. It’s happy cooking fish, grilling meat and baking bread and pizza – you can even use it for desserts. We’re told it does a mean Victoria sponge, and isn’t too shabby at apple strudel, either.

Like the Big Green Egg, the Red Devil bbq is made of strong, durable ceramic that doesn’t get too hot to touch. This makes it safe enough if you have little ones around.

The Devil heats up in around 15 minutes, and to control the cooking temperature, you simply adjust the draught from the ash door and the opening on the lid. Just be warned, it can get as hot as 500 degrees C inside. Which is fine if you’re after a crispy pizza base, but not so great when you’re tenderising meat.


Inside the box, you’ll find the Red Devil bbq, its lid and base, two stainless steel grills, a fire ring and grate, and a fire box for your charcoal. With dimensions of H50cm x Dia40cm, the Red Devil is a little smaller than the Big Green Egg, which measures H84cm x Dia55cm. But it’s still plenty big enough to grill up a backyard feast for a gaggle of family and friends.

Buy Now: 12in Red Devil BBQ, £499, JD Williams

And if you’re still sold on the original…


Buy Now: Big Green Egg Large, £1,345, John Lewis

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So which will you be investing in? Or are both still too egg-spensive?

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