How to buy the right microwave

Ask the right questions and find a microwave to suit you

Having changed the way we think about cooking, today’s microwaves are a far cry from the earliest models – nowadays they’re multi-functional! Here’s all you need to know before you buy.

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Microwave features

This Panasonic microwave has catalytic cleaning, so grease doesn't stick to the oven

* Auto/ Express/ Instant cook: These programmes will cook certain foods for a fixed time at the touch of a button.

Auto defrost: Look out for models that will calculate the exact time
for you if you type in the weight of the item you want to cook.

Multiple grill settings: The higher the grill wattage, the faster your
food will brown. More than one setting on high-powered grills is best,
so you can choose to grill with a high or low heat.

* Child lock: Locks the door to prevent the microwave being opened by little fingers.

* Catalytic cleaning: A special lining that grease doesn’t stick to, making it easier to keep your oven clean.

* Delay start: Means you can programme your microwave to cook while you’re out.

* Preheat: Quickly heats the convection oven, using microwave and grill.

Five points to consider before you buy a microwave

More power settings means greater versatility in cooking

1. Buy a combi rather than a standard model. It may be a bit more
expensive, but you’ll get a whole lot more for your money – a microwave,
oven and grill in one.

2. Combined power means faster cooking. A
high-wattage microwave combined with a grill or oven cooks up to two
thirds faster than anything else.

3. The more power settings it
has, the more versatile it will be. Some models have up to 11 settings,
though five is plenty for most basic tasks.

4. A wide range of
oven temperatures is most useful. Low temperatures of, say, 40℃ can be
useful for warming plates and oven-drying foods like tomatoes or

5. You’ll need a capacity of at least 25ltr if you have a family. The biggest mircrowaves are about 32ltr.

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