Where can I get replacement tiles for my fireplace?

How to find tiles for a period fireplace

I have a Victorian fireplace with original tiles, but unfortunately one is missing and another is cracked. I’ve searched high and low, but I haven’t been able to find any that match. Do you know where I might be able to get original or reproduction replacements?

Try Tile Heaven . They stock an enormous selection of original Victorian and Edwardian tiles. They have over 400 different tiles on sale, with prices ranging from £40 to £100 per tile. There’s a picture of each tile on the website, with a detailed description of its design and condition (you can expect tiles to have minor defects – many are well over 100 years old!). If you have no luck finding an original match, most fireplace manufacturers stock reproduction tile packs (10 x 6in tiles) as well as individual replacements.

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Two good places to start are 20th Century Fires Ltd 20th Century Fires Ltd and tile company Original Style Original Style .

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