10 fab focal points

Base your decorating scheme around one inspirational piece

To entrance every guest who visits the house is the aim of every clever decorator and an easy way to do this is to use one standout item that really catches the eye. We’ve pulled together 10 key items to build your scheme around – ranging from iconic pieces of furniture to stunning architectural features.

1. Oversized fittings

Yes, it’s an Anglepoise, but have you ever seen one quite this big! In a room full of delightful surprises – check out that beautiful glazed window and the unusual sideboard – this huge light fitting really stands out.

2. Sexy storage

We all love shoes, so colour-coordinating them with your décor is an exceptionally clever move. Pinks and greens predominate here, teamed with a Deco-style mirror and French-inspired furniture. Fancy…

3. Tactile wallpaper

If this bathroom isn’t chic enough, that faux-crocodile skin wallpaper adds an extra luxe touch. Brass fixtures pop against the dark backdrop, while a centrally placed mirror makes the space seem larger and brighter. An epic place for pampering…

4. Shimmering glass

With the walls, woodwork and floor in this dining area all dressed in a muted shade of grey, the owner played with perceptions by including some stunning glass light fittings hanging over the table and kitchen work surface. Is the look minimalist or glammed up to the max? You choose…

5. Marvellous mosaic

Why stick with the ubiquitous white metro when you can create a piece of art out of your tiling? A design such as this will make you feel like a god every time you step in the shower (and stun your guest when they take a peek inside).

6. Timber cladding

Mix up materials to give a space a unique appearance – über-modern cabinetry, eclectic accessories (dig that lamp!) and steel-framed windows are shown to perfection set against these rustic-style wood-panelled walls. The blue and brown palettes work gorgeously together too.

7. Upcycled curiosities

In a contemporary apartment such as this – all skimmed-plaster walls and open expanse of flooring – introducing elements that you wouldn’t expect to find makes a great juxtaposition. These metal shutters – relics of the building’s industrial past – have been moved inside, so adding a rough-luxe edge to the scheme.

8. Statement artwork

This vast space needs a punchy point of interest and the painting hung up high on the chimneybreast-cum-room divider does the job in spades. Drawing the eye upwards, it emphasises the height of the room and adds some crisp, eye-catching colour to the pristine white décor.

9. Design icons

No matter what the setting, modern masterpieces – such as this Eames Lounger and Ottoman – always maintain their good looks, so you can’t go wrong by making them the centrepiece of your scheme. Even tucked away in a snug corner, they still shout out class…

10. Architectural features

Installing a Crittall-style wall to separate an en suite from the bedroom offers two distinct advantages – one, it looks fab; and two, you can admire the beauty of the structure from either side of the divide. Double the fun!

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