Christmas trees for tiny homes

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  • Have you got a humble abode but want to pack in a tree with a big personality?

    Small homes need not miss out on festive decorations with these nifty Christmas trees. These space saving solutions will ensure your small home will still be swoon-worthy over the festive period…

    Lust after a lean and long tree

    If you just don’t have the floor space for a huge tree then experiment with some contemporary designs that accommodate city dwellers and apartment settlers. This one has a long stem with a bushy head so diners can still enjoy the aesthetics of a traditional Christmas tree without it getting in the way.

    Go short and stout

    Just to confuse you, you may go long and lean or alternatively short and stout. Chubby shrubs like this one are full of bushy drama but the height means they leave eye level clear and create a look of more space.

    Choose a mini tree

    Lots of mini Christmas trees have come on the market over recent years. They look festive on window ledges and compliment big Christmas trees. If you have a tiny home then opt for a handful of these dotted around instead of one large one. They will add a Christmassy feel to multiple rooms without taking up the space.

    Put your tree in the corner

    If you are worried about rearranging furniture for your fir then fear no more. We know that in a tiny home space is precious so stick your tree in a corner that was otherwise sparse. A decorated, lit, fully sized plant will be handsome enough to be spotted behind an armchair or corner table.

    Dress your tree in the wild

    If you don’t have the space inside then utilise your porch and keep the tree in its natural habitat. Standing the timber outside the house will create lots of room for other mantlepiece and wall decorations inside, plus they are a merry welcome to guests popping over for Christmas nibbles.

    Top a table with your tree

    To free up foot space and some room for your dad dance moves, put your tree on a table and arrange your presents around the base. If you have one, a mirrored table reflects the tree to make it look bigger than it is. If not then just pick a pretty table top and cover it with ribbons and Christmas confetti.

    Paint a thousand words with a picture

    A 2D tree won’t take up any room this Christmas and will keep guests talking! Super innovative and really fun – get kids to decorate them with glittery designs, play pin the conifer cone on the tree or ask family and friends to sign their names and treasure as a Christmas keep sake.

    Try out a twig tree

    Twindly twiggy trees are winners this winter. Their bare branches are lusted after as they take up minimal space and show off ornate decorations. Try them in a variety of colours by spraying their twigs to match your Christmas colour scheme or keep it rustic like this one for a country charm.

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