Country Crossover decorating ideas

Reimagine a contemporary home with the timeless appeal of country decor. The country crossover trend is all about blending this popular design style into your current scheme, which is so easy to do with a little know-how. Touches of rustic and industrial elements will add a contemporary twist to classic country decor, or accents of cosy country style will soften a modern home.

Country style will act as a calming influence over your current interior design scheme. Using country crossover decor in your home is also a great way to make your rooms family friendly, or to add personal touches to a rented property that you can’t otherwise decorate.

Use texture and colour to bring country crossover style to life. Using outdoor elements in your home will shake-up a paired-back room: Wicker furniture from the summerhouse will look great next to plain bedroom furniture and pale colours on the walls. Accents of green and yellow will update a modern decor scheme, as will ornate touches such as a piece of statement wall art, or a four poster bed.

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