Easy furniture transformation ideas – 10 of the best

If your furniture is looking a little tired, we have the solution. Our 10 easy furniture transformations will have things looking better in no time. From a lick of paint to changing a bit of hardware, be inspired to reinvent a piece of furniture with ten easy ideas that deliver big change with little effort. A few small changes can have a transformative effect on any scheme, striking the right decorative note as well as making a difference from a practical point of view. And you don’t need to undertake large renovations – here are some ways to make maximum impact with minimum effort.

Don’t think wallpaper is just for walls; it’s easy to cover wardrobe doors, line a cupboard or a tabletop and is the perfect way to use up paper from previous projects or any samples you might have saved.

Painting chairs will instantly refresh a dining room. But, you can create an even more eye-catching finish by taking your easy update a tiny step further and painting only the legs for an on-trend dip-dye effect.

Blackboard paint makes a great alternative to a noticeboard or can provide a space for the kids to get creative in, without worrying about cleaning up a lot of mess. Versatile and easy to use, it’s the perfect way to make a statement in your home. Or pehaps, try stenciling a favourite design or quote on to a bath to completely transform it. This DIY update will be done by lunchtime, meaning you can spend the rest of the weekend having fun.

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