Eight dream rooms for a disco diva

Take a trip back to the Seventies with this dazzling selection of disco-inspired spaces. So put on your glad rags, dim the lights and get ready for some night fever!

Where did Bianca, Liza and Tina head off to once Studio 54 had closed for the night? Why, all back to ours, of course – a super-stylish apartment filled with shiny chrome, deep pile and slinky silk. This is where the beat never stops…

1. VIP area

Kick off your shoes, untie that feather boa and relax – you’re among friends now. Glasses of champers keep the mood chilled, Donna’s spinning on the decks and it’s the perfect time to catch up with the latest paparazzi shots published in the press. Andy, darling, you look divine

2. Mood music

Keen to keep the party swinging, let’s round up a few old pals to form a little band. While we’re working out who’s in town, we may as well slip into something more comfortable… Ah, that gives us an idea for the theme! Kimono over to our house, boys…

3. Off your trolley…

A mobile bar is just the thing to keep everyone nicely chilled. As the night draws to a close, the fashionistas reminisce about their favourite outfits and decide that hats, gloves and Maribou-feather mules made the ultimate decadent combo…

4. Breaking news…

Once everyone has woken (good grief, is it that time already?), while away the afternoon with a light brunch and a languid look at the papers. It’s important to know if our stock has risen overnight – and that’s just in the society pages.

5. Screen image

It looks like someone took things too literally last night and, thinking that it was a fire, decided to disrobe in front of the telly. At least they used this snug little corner to do whatever it was that they got up to. Never mind, though – that’s what a disco inferno is all about.

6. Party games

Once everything is back in its place, a few rounds of backgammon keep the mind buzzing till it’s cocktail hour again. Finger food adds nutrition and stimulates conversation about the plans ahead – what shall we dress up as tonight, ladies?

7. Pink pamper

Taking our cue from Hollywood’s glamour queens, we’ve framed the mirror with a striking set of lights – all the better to see our profile, of course. And even when we’re touching up our tootsies, we like to feel a lovely, feathery touch underfoot. Simply sumptuous…

8. Light fantastic

And you thought we left the mirror balls back in the club? No way, babe! With its python-patterned rug and luxe silk bed linen, this space ramps up the diva factor even further. The only question is, who left the bed unmade?

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