Fake fur – how to inject some animal magic into your space without the muddy paws

Allergic to cats, dogs, unicorns? Good news – pretend pets are making a big noise in interiors right now

Owning a pet can improve your overall wellbeing immeasurably. But what if you’re potty about animals, but aren’t able to give one a home? That’s no longer a problem because the current trend for realistic faux animals is a
Godsend for the creature crazy among us who, for whatever reason, can’t own a real one.

The following ‘pretend pets’ are so full of personality that with a little imagination, they’ll take on a life of their own in no time at all. And you’ll get all the benefits of a bit of animal magic without the astronomic vets’ fees and food bills. Okay, so maybe they can’t meow, woof, purr or chirp back at you, but you can still bend their ear on Christmas Day when it all gets a bit too much, what with Aunty Mabel’s almighty hissy fit over the missing Quality Street and your own little rotters not letting your get your final fix of Downton
1. The beagle

Now we’re potty about dogs here at Livingetc, so a fake Fido is at the top of our Christmas list. Not only will Abigail Ahern’s beautifully turned out Moss Beagle, £188, add some much-needed greenery to your home, but he’ll also never nag you for a walk. There are also German Shepherd, Poodle, Schnauzer and Donkey designs.

2. The knotty dog

While Mason is on the pricier side at £1,680, once you work out the saving on doggy daycare, etc, you’ll realise he’s a chap who just keeps on giving. Expertly crafted from reclaimed materials by the sculptor Dominic Gubb for Abigail Ahern, we want to take him home now!

3. The bulldog
These dinky hand-painted ceramic Bulldog Head doorknobs, £20, by Graham and Green, look like they’ve got the weight of the world on their shoulders, but we reckon we could easily turn that frown upside down…

4. The flock of birds

Rockett St George is our must-stop for faux birds. This selection, from left, includes Yellow budgie and Grayson the Grey, both £14; Orlando the Owl, £29; Blue budgie; Mortimer the Crow; and Beautiful White Cockatoo, all £14 each. While he looks like he could swoop down and give you a cheeky peck if you dared to utter the words ‘Who’s a pretty boy then?’, we have a pretty big crush on the cunning crow.

5. The elephant

Nubie’s Wild and Plush Elephant Head, £54, aka George, is actually a wall hanging, but we have to admit he makes a very fetching hat!

6. The shark

Another of Nubie’s Wild and Plush bestsellers, Jack the Shark, £50, would make a great keep-out! feature on Junior’s bedroom door. We’d certainly think twice before barging in…

7. The koala

A genial, hard-working chap, Graham and Green’s Colin Koala side table, £125, will hold all manner of things without ever complaining – from guests’ glasses of prosecco on party nights to a good book and cup of cocoa on quiet evenings in. 8. The stork
Another must for a nursery or children’s room, this Flying Stork, approx £160, by Tamar Mogendorff will carry little ones off to the land of Nod in next to no time.

9. The unicorn

Now this Rockett St George beauty has just gone off the market, but we simply had to include it as it’s the most striking animal head we’ve ever seen! And we’re hoping another one magics itself into our Christmas stocking so we can work our own
fairy-tale vibe at home.

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