How to decorate with monochrome

Take a cue from the fashion world and introduce the timeless chic of black and white into your home. The monochrome look can range from minimalist chic to wild animal print. Decide on the look you want for your home with our fabulous monochrome room design ideas for super-chic style.

A black-and-white themed room always has more impact when you add a third accent colour, whether this is grey, canary yellow or aqua blue, we show you how. For example add definition to an off-white scheme by using black as an accent colour – incorporate a luxe black velvet sofa or grey armchair to your room design.

Update a monochrome room design with a pop of colour by adding bold yellow cushions or a hot-pink throw. Choose just one accent colour, for example grey or yellow – so it does not overwhelm the monochrome theme.

Create a luxe minimalist hotel-style bedroom with bold grey striped walls. Add a bed with an upholstered black or grey velvet headboard – team with black bedside tables. Add accents of white with crisp white bedlinen and pillows. Layer the bed with a grey satin bedspread and a pile of plumped up cushions in the supmptuous textures of faux-fur and velvet. Incorporate a showstopping chandelier or ceiling white to complete the glamorous hotel theme.

A mid-century vibe works perfectly with monochrome in the living room. Add geometric wallpaper in black and white and complete the look with stark Sixties-style armchairs in white leather. Complete the look with black wood flooring and a grey animal skin or textured rug.

Decorate a dining room with a mix of coordinated patterned fabrics. Team a black wood dining table with striped upholstered chairs. Create a backdrop of stark white walls to allow black-and-white framed photographs positioned at different heights and sizes on the wall to really stand out. Complete the look with a cluster of black ceiling lights over the dining table. Accessorise with ceramic-white tableware.

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