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Pink rooms can bring warmth and cosiness, lightness and prettiness or drama and character to a home, depending on the shade chosen and the patterns and colours that are used with it.

From the pale blush and crepe pink shades at one end of the spectrum, through mid-range coral, watermelon and rose and out to the bold-as-brass fuchsias, strawberry, magenta at the other, pink is an enormously versatile shade that can be used successfully in any room.

Modern schemes don’t have to be limited to the neon brights of shocking pink and hot pink. Many contemporary designs use paler shades of champagne pink or cherry blossom pink as a new neutral that injects ultra chic interiors with something a little warmer than the more obvious off-whites. Combined with bold patterns and contrasting greens and blues, these looks are exciting and full of possibilities.

Country-style rooms will often channel pinks in the form of classic florals, but look too for ditsy florals with smaller scale patterns that can be teamed with stripes or polka dots for a more contemporary take on classic country styles. Use pale pinks with other soft shades for light, airy room schemes with a charming welcoming feel.

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