Rented property decorating ideas – 10 of the best

With property prices through the roof and many of us stuck in rented flats and houses, decorating your own home might seem like a distant dream. But with a little creativity, you can make any rented space your own.

Getting around the frustrating letting agreements of your flat or house is easier than you think and it is possible to make your rented property feel like home, without changing any of the permanent features of the house. Believe us when we say temporary design can still make a big impact, even though it’s low-commitment.

Luckily, it’s never been easier to find interiors inspiration for a rented property. And for the thrifty amongst us, it doesn’t even have to cost the Earth. Soft furnishings, artwork and mirrors are probably some of the easiest ways to add personality to rented accommodation without risking an unhappy landlord. Plus, if you are in an unfurnished flat, you can really make a house a home by starting your own collection of striking furniture that can come with you to the next rented property, making a new house instantly feel like home.

Read on to learn how colour and print can add personality to an impersonal space, as well as discovering cheap and removable alternatives to wallpaper. You will also find tips and tricks for creating the illusion of space, plus storage ideas to keep your rented property clutter-free. Find out how to landscape the garden of your rented property, without the worry of planting shrubs and flowers that you will one day leave behind.

Living room window with decorative screen
With a rented property, the trick is to incorporate personal touches that can easily be removed or repurposed in your next home. Here, a decorative wooden screen takes on a new life as a living room window treatment. With a look that harmonises beautifully with the airy, plantation style of the room, the screen almost serves the role that more permanent (and pricey) shutters traditionally would.

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