Romantic rooms to inspire you

Feeling in a romantic mood? Then add some amour to your abode with these decorating tips. If you want to inject some romance into your home, then it’s the smaller gestures that count. Think flowers picked fresh from the garden, twinkling candlelight, heart-shaped decorations, a show-stopping chandelier or even just a romantic colour palette can completely change the mood in a room.

Create a space that you and your partner will love, whatever your individual tastes. Be inspired by romantic bedroom ideas, intimate dining room schemes, fanciful bathroom and charming hallways. For a boudoir vibe, dress you room in luxe linens, velvet and satin throws and incorporate flowers, heart prints and lashings of red for a Valentine’s Day scheme that is brimming with passion and decadence.

Alternatively, lay a dining table with roses, candles and your best tableware to create the perfect mood for evening entertaining. Lighting is important when it comes to creating the perfect ambience. Why not string fairy lights or tealights tucked neatly into little glass jars?

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