Summer colour schemes – 10 of the best

Rethink your current interiors and design a new look-home with the bright, inviting colours of summer. Bring a little sunshine into your rooms with everything from bright furniture to space-saving storage ideas that will open out your home and create a feeling of relaxed and hazy summer days…

You can work a bit of summer colour into almost any room. Whether you are starting from scratch, or just making a few subtle additions, vibrant shades around the home will make you see your house in a whole new light.

Perk up a plain living room with a hit of shocking pink, yellow or sky blue. Give one wall a lick of bright paint, or choose a patterned wallpaper to create a lively feature that will give any decor scheme a modern edge.

Multicoloured furniture will create a fun, retro vibe in your home. Choose mis-matched soft furnishings or chairs and even paint some of your homeware in different, but complementing, colours for a contemporary design look.

Summer decorating doesn’t have to be all about the bright colour. Opt for a largely white scheme and add in small touches of coral on white chiffon curtains and sea blue on cushions for a coastal look that will open up even the smallest room.

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