Tropical summer room design ideas – 10 of the best

Bring some sunshine into your home with an injection of tropical colour. Both relaxing and uplifting, tropical decor is a big interior design trend for the new season and will add bags of personality to your rooms. Think of Mediterranean summers, a Hawaiian landscape – and a big dose of kitsch.

With a tropical theme, you really need to think outside the box: This is floral design, but not as you know it. Clashing colours, a mix of prints and sleek modern textures will all add up to a totally tropical room.

Choose clean white furnishings to team with your brightly coloured walls and accessories for a chic take on tropical decor. A white sofa or table and chairs will look striking next to a multicoloured painting or vibrant wallpaper pattern. Choose cushions and throws in clashing shades to really up the ante on this look. Or, if you prefer something a little more fun, colourful furniture in contemporary designs will lend a fun, whimsical touch to your room.

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