Weekend decorating projects

Transform natural-fibre textiles with inexpensive dye. Dyeing bedlinen is an easy way to get a different look without the expense of a new set, and vintage crochet throws, which can often be unevenly coloured, look ultra chic when dyed in a sophisticated shade. If you’re new to dyeing, towels are the perfect place to start as the fabric sucks up colour well and a bright set can make a real impact in the bathroom.

Top tip: Wash the item before dyeing it as any finishes can affect the end result. If you’re dyeing a number of items that won’t all fit into one cycle, make sure you have equal amounts of dye and the same weight of fabric in each load to avoid colour variations. Only natural fibres absorb dye. If your chosen item is sewn with visible man-made fibre thread, that will stay the original colour.

Get the look: You will need Dylon Fabric Dye for Machine Use, from £4.95. This dyes up to 1kg of dry fabirc and is available at John Lewis. You also need ordinary salt to fix the colour (see back of packs for amount required).

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