Louise Oliphant

Ecommerce Writer

About me 


Hi, I’m Louise, Ecommerce Writer at Ideal Home. Bringing a bunch of bedding expertise with me from my previous role in PR, I’m eager to share useful sleep content, including what to look for, when and where to buy the best bed products, so you can get a great night’s sleep. Think everything from gorgeous luxury bedding to cosy duvets to keep you at the optimum temperature all night long.


Aside from buying guides and reviews to help get essential shut eye, I also write shopping content for homeware items that’ll add a decorative touch to your space.Think ornate dinnerware and sleek storage solutions. With an eye for design that won’t snooze on style, I’m here to search for the best homeware pieces, so you don’t have to. 


My specialist subjects 


With prior PR experience, working for a luxury bedding brand, I’m your sleep specialist for the best products to help you wind-down well. From thread counts and TOG ratings, to fabrics and colour choices, I know where to source a great night’s sleep. After all, isn’t everyone after at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Okay… I understand to some, that may seem like only a dream. But I’m an advocate for making sure you get your essential shut-eye.They do call it beauty sleep for a reason.  


My Ideal Home 


I love a great view. Having recently moved to London, city skylines are what I’m longing for. My ideal home would therefore have huge windows and plenty of light to see far and wide. I’m half-way there with a flat that has floor-to-ceiling windows. A space with a modern look and sleek interior makes me feel at ease - perhaps down to the fact I find comfort in symmetry and balance. And whilst a minimalist home would be ideal, being an artist with lots of paint supplies, that’s not entirely possible. That’s why I’ve always dreamt of having a home with a separate room I could call my studio. 

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