8 ways to decorate your tiny bathroom

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  • Styling ideas for petite bathrooms

    1. Mirrors

    This trick’s as old as time – enlarge a small space by installing wall-to-wall mirrors. Detract from your mirrored wall by using a modern, attention-grabbing wallpaper like this city-scene, everything works execpt numbers or letters!

    2. Abstract wallpaper

    Water themes are often overused in bathrooms, but this marbled blue print hints at waves, sea and rain without representing anything specific. The uneven lines pull the eye around the space and subtly remind you what room you’re in, for a light and carefree vibe.

    3. Statement tiles

    Having only a small area to decorate really opens up your options with wall coverings that may be out of your price range in a larger space. These blue bathroom tiles dance across the wall, creating a bespoke pattern behind the basin.

    4. No clutter

    Choose a couple of large decorations to adorn your small bathroom and keep the rest of the bathroom clutter-free to create the feeling of more space. The shape of this this vintage swan bowl adds an interesting focal point without dominating the basin area, and when teamed with a stick of blossom the space becomes fun and memorable.

    5. Dark colours

    In a small room it’s tempting to use pale shades to bounce the light around for the illusion of more space. However, dark colours like these navy blue bathroom walls create an intimate feel (which is just what you want in a tiny bathroom). In this space bright artworks, mirros and decorations break up the solid blocks of colour and patterned tiles draw the eye down to the floor to prevent the room from feeling stifling.

    6. Unusual objects

    Nothing says cool, experimental bathroom like a full-size taxidermy flamingo. An unexpected and unusual addition to the decorating scheme adds instant gravity to even the tiniest of rooms, and will make sure this bathroom isn’t mistaken for a cupboard.

    7. Themes

    Sticking to a theme in a bathroom is a great way to unite decorative objects that wouldn’t otherwise hang together. The under-the-sea theme in this bathroom wall runs through the modern nautical wallpaper to shells, beach finds and coral-coloured accessories adding a sense of whimsy as well as continuity to the space.

    8. Confined spaces

    Make the most of all areas in your home by creating a tiny wash-area under an angled piece of ceiling or hidden bit of space. This basin has been lowered to fit with the sloping roof of this house, but teamed with rustic wedges of wood and concrete it still works as a tiny, zen-filled bathroom.

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