Make your bedroom glamorous

Want to update your bedroom? Follow our easy style updates and transform your bedroom in an instant

Make a wall frieze Head boards can blend into the wall, but a painted panel with a trail leaf wall sticker is now the stand-out feature of the room.

Opt for pink bedlinen All white sheets can need a lift, so try adding in a few pink cushions.

Update your lamp A ribbon corsage wrapped around the lamp shade has made a simple lamp sexy. Spritz with a flame retardent spray and use fabric glue to hold it in place.

Add mirrored pieces Up the glamour stakes by dotting mirrored pieces around the bedroom. A mirrored etched tray on the bedside table is perfect for the job.

Buy shimmery cushions and a throw These buttun-tuck cushions and a throw are the perfect glamorous finnishing touches.

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