Eight fab ideas for your guest room

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  • They just won't leave: how to make your guest bedroom so alluring your friends won't want to go home

    If being the host or hostess with the mostess is one of your main priorities in life, the guest bedroom is sure to come under the spotlight. Creating a bedroom with all the right details for convenience and comfort will mean your guests won’t want to leave. Here are our tips for fabulous guest bedroom…

    1. Sleep like a log

    Whilst you won’t necessarily want to shell out on a super high end mattress (typically over 1,200 springs) it is worth investing in a comfortable mattress that will give you a long life. Loaf’s Spare Room mattress (from £445) does just this. With a more than generous 1,000 individual pocket springs, Loaf says the mattress is super-comfy and pleasing to even the choosiest of house guests.

    2. Spring awakening

    Faux flowers, which are now so realistic, are a great addition to a guest bedroom and will make you look poised and ready for action whenever overnight visitors descend. Check out our pick of the best artificial flowers on the market here.

    3. Light up

    Create a relaxed mood for your guests with scented candles and soft warm lighting. Bedside lighting for each side of the bed makes for easier reading without disturbing a companion.

    4. Book worm

    Make sure your guests have something to entertain themselves if they wake up before you do. A good stack of magazines are always a welcome distraction too.

    5. Clean and bright

    Another way to show your guests you’re always ready and welcome, is to provide them with mini hotel style toiletries. A small basket of the essentials with disposable toothbush and moisturiser will help your guests arrive at breakfast bright eyed and bushy tailed. Out Of Eden has a wide selection of guest goodies and is perfect for B&Bs.

    6. Thirst quencher

    Like the service in a five-star hotel anticipate their needs. A carafe or bottle of water will mean your guests don’t have to stumble to the kitchen in the dark if they get thirsty. Provide fruit or cereal bars in case of an attack of the midnight munchies.

    7. Charge it

    A brilliant host will know that an overnight guest is likely to run out of phone charge so if you know their model and you have a spare charger leave it in the room for them.

    8. Versatile space saver

    A daybed is a great space saver for an office-cum-spare room or even a reception room where some relaxing slouchiness is the order of the day. Loaf’s Two Pack daybed (£875) will make a stylish addition to a multi-purpose room. Its top half lifts off to sit next to the bottom half to become a sturdy occasional bed.

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