Gorgeous guest rooms in time for Christmas

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  • How can I make my guests comfortable for their festive stay?

    Make overnight visitors feel comfortable and relaxed with a guest bedroom that’s been planned with a host of design details and thoughtful finishing touches.

    1 Garden room

    If space is short inside the house, a garden room or outbuilding away from the main house can be the perfect solution for hosting overnight visitors. But in winter months, keeping it warm and toasty can be a challenge. Keep guests snug and make the room extra tempting with the warmth of a woodburningstove and plenty of tactile linens. ‘Pile the bed with cosy cushions and throws to make it really appealing to guests,’ says Lucy Ackroyd, Design Manager,Christy. ‘Choose a neutral colour palette which can be easily accessorised to bring in colour and texture. This intricate raised-pattern bedlinen catches the eye immediately.’

    2 Your very own bath

    ‘A guest bedroom is a great place for a freestanding bath, especially for a home with just one bathroom,’ says Dan Cook, Designer, C P Hart. ‘The bath tub will become the focal point of the room. Unlike a shower or wetroom, which would need to be fully waterproofed, all you really need here is stone, ceramic, or wooden flooring around the bath. Make sure the room has adequate ventilation; if necessary, a low voltage extractor fan could be positioned nearby.’

    3 Relaxed atmosphere

    Layered lighting, ideally dimmable, is key to making guests feel at ease. Include a pendant or downlighters for overall light, a standard lamp to light a corner, and bedside lights for late-night reading. ‘Wall-mounted bedside lamps provide an elegant tailored feel,’ says Rohan Blacker, Founder, Pooky Lights. ‘As a rule of thumb, they are best positioned so the bottom of the bulb is 45cm above the mattress to avoid any glare.’

    4 Clever storage

    When guests drop by for an overnight or weekend stay, room to hang a change of clothes is invaluable, but a space-encroaching wardrobe isn’t the only way, and this cupboard’s pretty cover makes it especially attractive. ‘This is one of three designs of tented cupboard that we make,’ says Priscilla Parry, Director, Clock House Furniture. ‘It can be made in any size and in any fabric with shelving and hanging space to suit.’

    5 Up in the eaves

    There’s peace and quiet to be had at the top of the house in a private space away from the bustle of family life. The loft ceiling, sloping to an apex, is more suited to a room for occasional use, and the angles naturally focus attention onto the traditional brass bed, leaving the lower nooks and crannies free for storing luggage. Include an upholstered chair, creating a snug place to read.

    6 Practical seating and storage

    ‘A guest room should be so inviting that your guests never want to leave,’ says Lucinda Waterhouse, Director, Oka. ‘Give a simple divan bed the five-star treatment by draping a canopy from the ceiling and include a neat sofa at the end of the bed for reading or relaxing. A foldaway suitcase rack is a practical storage solution for your guests’ luggage, encouraging them to fully unpack and make themselves at home.’

    7 Twin sleeping

    In this relaxing bedroom careful planning ensures every inch of space is put to good use. Striking bateau-style twin beds are the flexible choice, catering for adult sharers who aren’t bedfellows or children, while a built-in window seat provides a place to catch up on reading when there’s no space for an armchair. There’s no need to invest in a big wardrobe for occasional guests but drawers and hanging space are essentials.

    8 A place to wash

    ‘This wooden washstand topped with a beautiful stone bowl has a timeless, restful simplicity that’s perfect for a country guest room,’ says Rob Whitaker, Creative Director, Fired Earth. ‘The wood complements granite or marble bowls and links beautifully to an array of fabrics and soft furnishings. Look for a design that incorporates shelves or a cupboard to ensure that there’s plenty of room for a welcoming supply of towels and soaps for your guests.’

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