Easy ways to revamp your teenager’s room

Create a room they’ll love for several years to come

Redecorating a child’s room several times over the years is inevitable as they go through phases and fads – dinosaurs, astronauts, bright pink, pale pink, no pink – delete as appropriate. So when they hit their teenage years and their tastes begin to settle (although the paint colour in their room may be the only thing you can agree on), it’s important to find a style versatile enough to see them through the next few years.

We’ve found some of our favourite ideas to inspire you, so you can create a room that keeps both of you happy.

1. Create a work zone

Not only will creating a dedicated work zone add a more adult feel to a child’s bedroom but it will give them a specific area for revision and homework – perfect if you’re trying to discourage ‘working’ in bed!

2. Think about furniture

Swapping out a single bed for a double is a great way to instantly make a bedroom feel more grown up. This pretty teenage girl’s bedroom now exudes a sense of elegance and charm while the pink keeps it feeling girly.

3. Nice and neutral

They’ve grown out of that Finding Nemo wallpaper and pretty and pink isn’t really cutting it anymore… If they only have a few years before they fly the nest, consider a neutral colour scheme. Add personality to the space with soft furnishing and accessories, but keep the walls a calming cream.

4. Embrace a trend

There’s no reason to ditch trends just because they are getting older – just make sure you pick a decorating style with longevity to avoid getting the paint brushes out again a year later. This teenage boy’s bedroom uses an American-theme to add character – just don’t go painting a huge flag on the wall – a framed poster is a much safer option!

5. Get savvy with storage

You may have thought that as they got older, the amount of paraphernalia needed would reduce but anyone with a teenage daughter will tell you that’s nothing but an urban myth. As their shoe, video game and toiletry collection increases, you may need to reconsider your storage solutions. This raised bed allows for loads of additional space underneath for them to (inevitably) cram full of stuff they ‘really need’.

Did we miss anything? Tell us your tips and tricks for keeping a teenager’s room tidy?

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