Dad creates amazing slide bed with clever Ikea hack

Dad creates ultimate play bed for his young son. And here’s how he did it

Ikea hacks can be pretty clever – bordering on genius – but a dad in America has taken the crown for Ikea Hack of the decade (in our eyes, anyway).

Savvy dad Eric Strong wanted to get his son a new bed, as the not-so-little-lad had well and truly outgrown his cot.

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And he didn’t set his sights on any run-of-the-mill place for his son to rest his head. Oh no, Eric set out to create the Best Bed In The World. Complete with slide and secret room to read, play and generally enjoy life.

Eric promised his son ‘the coolest bed ever’
– and we’re pretty sure he delivered! The video below shows how the Dad of the Year created the impressive bed, which also includes a lofted mattress, a ball-and-pulley play system, a secret chamber with a lookout window, and trap door escape.

The project started with a simple Kura bed, Trofast storage system and the Besta shelving unit – all from Ikea.

Eric then spent 1-2 hours every night, over the course of two months, putting together the bed.

After sharing the photos on Reddit, Eric put together the below video to show how it’s done, and was keen to point out the safety concerns online fans had raised. Alongside the video, Eric wrote:

“An overview of how I transformed IKEA’s Kura Kids Bed by adding a secret room, slide, pulley, and ball run.

“Thanks to all the interest generated on Reddit and Imgur. To address some of the more common safety concerns:

“Rope is taken down when son playing by himself.

“The posts at bottom of slide have been sawed down and rounded since this video.

“The electric socket is no more dangerous than any other in the house.

“An adult can disassemble within seconds if he is stuck inside.”

Take a bow, Eric. You have created the Ikea hack to end all Ikea hacks…

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