Toy storage solutions – 7 of the best ideas

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  • If your home resembles Santa's workshop after a busy shift, bring order to toyland with stylish storage solutions for tots through to teens

    Tired of toys taking over your home? We’ve picked our favourite ways to keep children’s room clutter at bay.

    Plus, check out our favourite toy storage solutions.

    Line up inexpensive tubs that are easy for kids to pull out – and tidy away. ‘The rubber garden tub is an instant storage classic,’ says Jenny Dalton, founder of
    ‘Each one holds a huge amount of toys. Keeping to a single colour contributes to a sense of order, even where there is hidden disorder!’

    They’re good for tiny toys such as cars and Lego, but kids can forget what they have, so be prepared for them tipping everything out on the floor. Schedule regular ‘tidy up time’ so they know they’re going to have to clear away at the end of the day. Or, choose transparent storage so toys are visible.

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    Muji has a great range of transparent storage boxes.

    Give a kid’s room a sporty feel with some vintage lockers. ‘Locker storage units bridge
    the divide between child and adult-friendly storage,’ says Jenny Dalton, founder of ‘Everyone likes the look of them, and they’re virtually indestructible. They can cost a lot less than wooden cupboards of the same size and they can fit a huge number of toys inside. Plus, they’re an investment piece – they should take children through to their teenage years and beyond.’

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    For reclaimed lockers, head to Metro Retro or Elemental.

    Install a made-to-measure unit in your children’s room that’s functional as well as stylish. ‘Instead of regular full-height cupboards, these boxes are arranged in an interesting composition and the combination of open shelves for the “presentable” items and closed
    boxes for the more messy stuff works really well,’ says Hugo Tugman at Architect Your Home. ‘It’s worthwhile getting help in designing the most pleasing composition and materials.’

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    Construct stylish storage to suit a grown-up space. ‘It’s inevitable that toys will encroach on adult living spaces,’ says Tim Newbold, founder and designer at Domus. ‘So it’s a good idea to create storage that’s functional but still smart enough to blend in.’

    Designate units or cupboards and include durable containers to scoop up bits and bobs. This sleek storage includes robust boxes that can be pulled out and stored away, as well as chunky shelving to display pictures and keepsakes.

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    Head to Domus for a storage unit like this. A cheaper alternative would be to buy ready-made crates from Muji.

    Be inventive and turn disused space into clever storage. Even though this handsome surround is no longer home to a fire, it provides the perfect nook for some neat shelving. ‘Boxes or baskets in easily accessible, low-level areas are easy to reach for small children,and so can help to encourage them to tidy up after themselves,’ says Carolyn Robinson, director of interiors at interior architecture and design company FT2.

    ‘You could also label boxes with pictures of that particular toy to help young children learn where they are stored.’

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    Find building materials and paint at B&Q. Buy baskets at The Holding Company.

    Choose a modular unit that can be tailored to your needs. ‘This means you have the freedom to create your own design,’ says Christian Skovhus at Icons of Denmark. ‘This unit comes in 40 colours, and it can be built to include drawers, doors, shelves and lights. It can be wall mounted or set on plinths, legs or castors, so is the perfect choice for a playroom brimming with toys.’

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    Visit for eye-catching storage solutions

    Go for storage systems that make a feature of toys and games. Visually playful storage
    naturally suits displaying toys. To keep the look neat, store books in one section, soft toys in another. An added advantage of ‘fun’ storage is that kids will enjoy putting things away, creating their own displays, and showcasing their current favourites. The rest of their collection can then be quickly scooped into big storage bins.

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    For rails and baskets to display toys proudly, head to IKEA. See our favourite toy storage solutions.

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