10 signs Christmas has officially arrived

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  • Santa Claus is coming to town!

    With all the Christmas adverts on TV, Black Friday sales, and trees popping up everywhere – Christmas has officially arrived…

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    Christmas trees and fairy lights are popping up everywhere


    Image credit: Alun Callender

    With every shop window and house you pass there will be icicle lights strung up, glowing triangular trees in the distance and bushy wreaths tied to doorknockers. As soon as the Christmas decorations go up, you know December is here.

    Coca Cola’s red truck is driving around

    Whether you’ve seen the giant red trucker or heard the famous ‘holidays are coming’ jingle from the TV, as soon as the Coca Cola truck begins doing the rounds, you know Santa is on his way in his slightly less conspicuous sleigh.

    You’ve bought an advent calendar


    Image credit: Aldi

    Your kitchen has been taken over with 24 pockets of delicious goodies and they’re the talk of the town – what did you get in your advent this morning? These bites of chocolatey heaven will make it marginally easier to wake on gloomy, dark mornings.

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    The John Lewis advert has aired

    Moz the Monster John-Lewis-still-4

    Image credit: John Lewis

    You only have to say ‘Man on the Moon’ and everyone knows who you are talking about. John Lewis’ annual Christmas ad is another cracker and anyone who is anyone will be wearing glow in the dark moon pyjamas come Christmas morning. But can you get through it without crying?

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    Christmas cards are falling through the letter box


    Image credit: Woman & Home

    If you haven’t even bought your cards yet, you ought to get writing as the Christmas post has begun. Glittery cards in red envelopes are filling the post man’s bag and window ledges are about to get busy.

    Christmas street lights have been turned on

    The sparkly, star-studded ‘turning on’ events have commenced and famous streets worldwide are now lit under canopies of Christmas street lights. As soon as these stars are switched on, Christmas has come to the city.

    Christmas music channels have appeared

    Mariah Carey frolicking in the snow, The Pogues in a smokey bar and Shakin’ Stevens on a sleigh will all be familiar scenes on the TV by now. Some famous music outlets will have even created channels exclusively devoted to Christmas anthems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, Bublé is back. Enough said.

    You’re thinking about Turkey


    Image credit: Tim Young

    The pudding is resting, the bird has been ordered and the Christmas menu takes centre stage on the kitchen fridge. Arguably the most stressful part of the day, we’re already worrying about how many people will turn up Christmas Day and whether they’ll prefer turkey or goose.

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    Christmas shopping is underway


    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Letters to Santa have been sent and hyperlinks from teenagers have been received – Christmas shopping is well under way. Many will want to complete it all in one fell swoop on Black Friday, whilst others leave it to the last minute and will start to panic.

    Christmas markets have begun

    Christmas-market Christmas abroad

    Our dosage of traditional German markets have come to town. Everywhere from the Tate in London to the Castle in Lincoln are putting up little wooden huts selling gold, frankincense and myrrh (well, baubles, fudge and pashmina scarves!).

    What are your plans for Christmas?

    As soon as your colleagues and friends start asking ‘what are your plans for Christmas?’ you know it’s just around the corner. If you didn’t have plans already, you now feel the pressure to get the invites out or the train tickets booked.

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