How to make a Christmas toy sack

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  • Wow your family and friends with homemade craft ideas

    Create handmade Christmas toy stacks for your loved ones with this simple craft idea from Country Homes & Interiors.

    What you’ll need

    * Main striped fabric (we used Organic Ticking in Cranberry, £25 a metre, Ian Mankin,
    * Main floral fabric (we used Wild Flower Red, £29.50 a metre, Ian Mankin)
    * Matching thread

    Step 2: Join the two sewn-together pieces of fabric together to form a square.  Michael A Hill

    Step 1) Cut 8 35cm squares, 4 in striped fabric and 4 in floral fabric. For the facing, cut a 125cm by 35cm strip of striped fabric.

    Step 2)
    For the front of the sack, right sides facing and matching raw edges,
    join one striped square to one floral square. Press open seam allowance,
    taking a 2.5cm seam.

    Repeat with two more squares, then join the
    two pairs together to form a square (see main illustration). Press open
    seam allowances. Repeat to join the remaining four squares to form the
    back of the sack.

    Step 3) Right sides facing and matching
    raw edges, stitch the front and back pieces together around three edges.
    Trim across the corners and press open seam allowances.

    Step 4)
    To hem the facing strip, turn under 1cm then 1.5cm along one long edge
    and stitch. Fold in half widthways and stitch across short edges taking a
    2.5cm seam. Trim and press open seam allowances.

    Step 5: Stitch the facing into place. Michael A Hill


    p 5)
    Right sides facing, matching raw edges and aligning the seam of the
    facing with one side seam of the sack, tack the facing in place around
    the top edge of the sack (see illustration below). Stitch taking a 2.5cm
    seam and remove tacking. Trim, press open seam allowances and turn

    Step 6) Attach the lower edge of the facing at each point where it meets a sack side seam by working a few slip stitches.

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