You know you’re having a country Christmas when…

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  • From freshly-cut trees to tractor-drawn sleighs, here’s 8 sure signs you’re spending the festive period out in the sticks!

    1. You decorate with foraged foliage
    From fresh holly and mistletoe to sweet-smelling pinecones, most things you need for creating a wonderfully rustic country scheme can be found in your back garden or local woodland.

    2. There are beautiful walks right on your doorstep
    Whether it’s a short stroll to Midnight Mass or a bracing Boxing day walk through frost-covered fields, taking in your beautiful surroundings is the perfect antidote to full tummies and fuzzy heads.
    There’s no need for a car either, handy if wishes for a white Christmas are granted!

    3. You know the name of the turkey you’re eating for dinner
    A bit morbid maybe, but before he took centre stage on your Christmas table, Tom the turkey lived a happy, free-range life on Farmer Fred’s farm just up the road.

    4. You’ve chopped down your own tree
    Nothing beats a freshly cut Christmas tree, especially one you’ve picked out yourself from the local forest. Forget battling it onto a bike rack, the local farmer will make sure it gets delivered right to your door. On a tractor of course.

    5. Stocking the larder begins in October
    God forbid you run out of anything over the festive season, you won’t find shops open anywhere close. And by ‘festive season’ we don’t just mean Christmas day, we’re talking from the 20th
    December to the 5th January ­- better to be safe than sorry!

    6. You’re woken up at the crack of dawn
    Not by children desperate to open their stockings, but by animals needing to be fed. Sadly cats, dogs and chickens have no idea it’s Christmas morning, so they’re up with the lark as usual!

    7. You can smell Christmas everywhere you go
    Burning Yule logs, deliciously spiced mulled wine, sweet-smelling pine needles… the delicious scents of Christmas carry beautifully on clean country air – there’s no exhaust fumes or nasty city smells to cloud them!

    8. You know the entire cast of the annual nativity…
    …including the donkey! (He can be found residing at the local livery outside of the festive season!) Not only that, Santas’s sleigh is drawn by your next-door neighbour’s tractor at the Christmas parade. Everyone knows everyone, making for the most wonderful Christmas cheer throughout the village.

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