Garden rooms you’ll want to live in all year round

Whether yours is a dining room/sitting room/playroom or simply a refuge from the rest of the family, Country Homes & Interiors shows you how to make a garden room work in every season

Q: What are the most important things you need to think about when adding a new garden room or conservatory to your home?

A: ‘With a garden room one of the main considerations is to create a sense of continuity between indoors and out,’ says Sharon Harris, Marketing Manager, Burberry Harris Moon. ‘Large windows and doors are key to minimising visual obstructions at the building’s perimeter and offer light, views and ready access to the garden. Another way to blur the boundaries between outdoors and indoors is to bring materials, textures and colours from the landscaping into the conservatory, so choose natural wicker, wood and terracotta. Plants and small trees in containers will also link the room with the garden.’
Lean-to conservatory, from £40,000, Burberry Harris Moon.

Q: What is the best way to heat a conservatory so that it can be used as a dining area all year round?

A: ‘Conservatories are built to a high standard and underfloor heating is the most effective way to heat them,’ says Jonathan Hey, Managing Director, Westbury Garden Rooms. ‘It needs to be installed during construction and is up to 20% more efficient than radiators. It’s suitable for use with many floor types including most engineered timber and, as the floor has a large surface area, doesn’t need the high temperatures radiators do to make the room comfortable.’
Conservatory, from £40,000, Westbury Garden Rooms.

Q: What’s the alternative to an all-glass design?

A: ‘A fully glazed conservatory may not be to everyone’s liking, so a careful combination of traditional build and glazing can be an interesting alternative,’ says Jane Hindmarch, Marketing Manager, Vale Garden Houses. ‘An orangery incorporating tall windows and glazed doors within a brick, stone or render construction will complement the house. Lean-to designs are popular for period terraces as they make the most of the space available and are a sympathetic addition to an uncomplicated exterior.’
Hardwood lean-to conservatory, from £35,000,
Vale Garden Houses.

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