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Fill your mealtimes with the right kind of drama – of the decorating kind – and you’ll find your guests will remember the experience as much for the ambience you’ve created as for your, no doubt, inspired cooking skills. Most of us don’t have the luxury of a separate dining room these days which is exactly why you can give whatever eating area you do have a dramatic makeover.

You can stamp personality on a space in a variety of ways, it could be as simple as investing in a standout dining table or curating a selection of different chair styles or positioning a striking lighting fixture above the table. Making a feature wall by using arresting wallpaper in just a small area, like a backdrop to the table and chairs, is a nifty way to zone the dining space if it is in an open plan room. Think about theming the area in a style you love; vintage maps or posters could reflect a hobby and give you and your guests something to talk about as you chow down.

You could even design your own wall coverings by having a favourite picture blown up in size, but perhaps the easiest way of creating impact is by choosing a powerful colour scheme. Some of the examples in this gallery are really ‘out there’ and require courage, after all, you do have to live with this space every day. If you have a small dining space like a breakfast nook in your kitchen you might prefer to keep it simple but you can still achieve standout by choosing co-ordinating accessories, even a beautiful bowl or vase which is kept on the dining table when it’s not in use, can make all the difference.

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