8 statement flooring ideas that will wow you

Make a statement on your floor with these 8 cool ideas

Encaustic tiles

Patterned cement tiles are a beautiful, unusual way to bring colour and shape onto your floor. The pastel shades on these Lindsey Lang designs make the floor a point of focus, while the colours are soft enough to not detract from the rest of the room.

Geometric tiles

The patterned floor and walls in this bathroom create a modern take on Art Deco. Covering your floor in small coloured tiles means you can make any pattern you want, although it’s easier and more impactful to stick to simple block patterns, in bright shades.

Pick & mix parquet

Going for a classic parquet pattern? Mix things up a bit by using different wood shades, like these pieces from Fired Earth, for modern take on the traditional design. The natural colours keep the effect simple and oh-so chic.

Coloured rubber

After a coloured floor that’s durable and (pretty much) un-markable? You’ll want to go for rubber then – this red flooring comes in a rainbow of colours and is perfect for children’s rooms, kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Monochrome stripes

Nothing says wow more than high-shine, monochrome tiled floors. Teamed with a gentle block colour like this elegant purple and you’ve got a black and white floor that deserves to be centre stage.

Mix and match rugs

Create a the ultimate outdoor room for the summer with an array of mix and match rugs. This bright patterned floor comes with party vibe and sunny weather included.

Painted chequerboard

to modernise your original floorboards? These reclaimed pine
floorboards were painted over in this simple black and white pattern,
retaining their rustic feel and giving this cool dining room an instant
focal point.

Vinyl covers

This one-of-a-kind floor is made from the designs of the owner’s favourite LP covers, printed onto vinyl flooring. Never though you’d be walking over Ziggy Stardust, did you?


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