11 things we’re grateful to 2015 for

We bet you've welcomed at least one of these trends into your home this year...

2015 is coming to a close – how many of these trends did you embrace over the last 12 months?


Hooray for grey! Far from grim, 2015 has seen us using it in all
spaces great and small, from traditional period homes to urban loft

The great thing about grey is that it’s so versatile. Layer it up
with other neutrals and it looks super-cosy (as demonstrated by this lovely Christmassy scheme). Team it with metallics and it
looks ultra-glam. Pair it with bright accents and it looks instantly
edgy. What’s not to like?Don’t miss our pick of grey bedroom ideas and grey living room ideas.


Just how does the Duchess of Cambridge look so radiant, despite
having two tiny royals to look after? No, it’s not the nanny. Apparently it’s the
Nutribullet, the latest diet gadget to set the nation abuzz.

Its claim to fame is that it produces the smoothest smoothies on
the market, while also ‘extracting’ health-and-beauty-boosting nutrients
and making them easier for our digestive systems to absorb. In other
words, now we can all look like princesses – huzzah!


Speaking of royals, it was the Prince Regent, later George
IV, who first popularised the pineapple on British shores. His penchant
for exotic delights in all their forms made this fancy fruit a regular feature in both his
dessert bowl and his design schemes (check out the Brighton Pavilion).

200 years later – it’s back. And nothing seems able to stop its
bid for total domination. It’s been cropping up in cushions, candles,
lamps, tableware, trinket boxes, artwork and pretty much everything else
in the interiors world. Long may it reign!

Rose gold

More subtle than copper but pinker than gold, rose gold became
the sophisticated way to add a bit of bling to your interiors this year.

And very pretty it is too, though the trend fairy tells us on the
not-so-quiet that 2016 is going to be all about brass. Either way, you’d best keep your polish handy.

Beni Ourain rugs

So much more stylish than your average shag pile, these
fluffy, diamond-patterned rugs are super-snuggly underfoot and are really
coming into their own now that winter is upon us.

A vintage version hand-tufted by the Berber tribes of Morocco could set
you back a cool £15,000. Luckily the high street has cottoned on and you
can pick a machine-made rug up for around £150.


Either a high-maintenance houseplant or a low-maintenance
garden, depending on how you look at it. Either way, Britain was firmly on-board with the mini-horticultural trend this year. Although not all of us were as diligent at keeping up with the watering, leading to more than a few pretty glass boxes full of crispy brown straw.


Who could have foreseen that this most flamboyant of creatures would start popping up in even the sleekest of interiors?

We think flamingos add a whimsical touch of Alice in Wonderland to any scheme – which is pretty apt, since 2015 was the book’s 150th anniversary.


The new owls, apparently. And, let’s face it, way cuter. 2015
saw us teaming them with bold botanicals and, of course, pineapples
and flamingos, for a look that oozed sheer tropical majesty.


Okay, so hardcore home chefs may have had one of these in their
kitchen cupboard since 2014, but for the rest of us this nifty gadget
was a complete revelation.

Who knew that transforming vegetables into spaghetti-like strips
would make them so much more appealing? A must-have for all parents of
fussy eaters.

Mustard yellow

Tapping into the mid-century trend that’s been around for a
few years now, mustard yellow became the number one way to give your home a
bit of retro glow. And it goes so well with the year’s other
top colour trend, grey, making the above scheme so 2015.

Trompe l’oeil wallpaper

In the olden days (i.e. 2014), most people believed you could
only enjoy the industrial glamour of exposed brick walls if you lived
in a house with… well… brick walls.

Now, thanks to canny new wallpaper designs, you can get the look anywhere you like – even on the flimsiest of partition walls. See also faux wood panelling, faux metallic and faux tile wallpaper.

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