3 design discoveries from LivingetcEdit.com

We're thrilled to have come across these funky up-and-coming brands

1. Otago Design

This eclectic accessories brand was founded by British design duo Anna Rose and Eddie Sercombe, who are passionate about ethical sourcing and quality craftsmanship. Otago‘s first collection features pieces made by locally trained artisans in Kenya, Swaziland and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2. Petite Friture

Covering lighting, furnitue, accessories and textiles, this French manufacturer is a trove of design-led pieces. Its products are super stylish, while retaining a sense of fun. We love.


This modern Italian brand is seriously exciting. Its name is an acronym: Materia (matter), Artigianato (crafts), Design and Interni Italiani (Italian interiors). Its chic pieces are all made from glass, a fantastic demonstration of both the versatility and the beauty of this material.

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